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To thrive, be strong, flourish and be effective.


This is what vigeo means and it’s the promise we make to our clients as we help them maximize their leadership capabilities and achieve leadership success. 


Empowering your growth as a leader 


Transitioning into a new role? Ready to enhance your decision-making, problem-solving and team-building skills? Want to develop more resilience, self-confidence and executive presence? Vigeo is here to advance your leadership development and impact in this increasingly complex and ever-changing world. 

Leadership coaching is transformational

The professional and personal benefits of coaching should not be underestimated, as it creates a fundamental shift in one’s perspectives and approach to work, relationships, challenges and overall well-being. The benefits of coaching are also more than anecdotal. In fact, 80% of people who receive coaching report increased self-confidence, 70% benefit from improved work performance, and over 71% achieve more effective communication and interpersonal skills (Source: ICF Global Coaching Client Study). 

Become a more effective leader

We identify values, strengths, challenges and goals to strengthen self-awareness and performance by revealing patterns of behavior and underlying motivations. 

We support people who are in a moment of transition, such as changing roles or companies, to inspire courage, foster personal growth and generate actions. 

We increase the leadership capacity of executives and emerging leaders and the impact they have on their peers, team and organization as a whole. 

“My time with Missy always helps me focus on what is most important and impactful, helping to stabilize our business and grow as a team. I would strongly recommend Missy as an executive coach.”

Dan Kapinos, CEP, CECP, FGE

Partner and Head of Equity Services

Aon Rewards Solutions

Foggy Lake

Helping people and the planet thrive

While my professional mission is to help leaders thrive, I feel that Vigeo has a corporate responsibility to use its business resources as a force for hope, change and good. That’s why Vigeo is aligning itself with a number of organizations that provide a positive and meaningful impact in people’s lives and our world. 

Vigeo is proud to be affiliated with the following organizations:


Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation 



Certified by
The Leadership Circle 

Certified by the Institute for Transformational Leadership

Member of the

Pledge 1% Community


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If you are serious about making an impact through your leadership development with Vigeo, we work virtually with our clients across the country and around the globe. Contact us today and we’ll begin your life-changing journey.

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